Therapeutic Massage


All of our massages are tailor-made to address the individual needs of each and every client.  There’s no need to “pick out” a certain type of massage.  We will work with you to develop the most effective treatment for your particular needs.  This usually involves integrating a variety of methods and techniques- all used together- to deliver the best possible results for you.  

Some of the techniques that we utilize include:

Swedish, Relaxation, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and others.


If you’re stressed out and just need to forget about the cares of life, we can help you with a relaxing, yet therapeutic, treatment.  Even our relaxation massage will address muscular dysfunctions that can keep you tense.  

If you enjoy deep pressure, you’re going to love our massage.  We utilize techniques specifically designed to access deeper muscles of the body.  Ever feel like your massage therapist just couldn’t get in deep enough?  No problem here.  We will work with you- within your comfort level- to achieve the pressure your body requires to release your areas of pain.  

If you’re sensitive to pressure, that’s not a problem either.  There are several techniques, such as assisted stretching and positional release, that can be used to lengthen muscles and eliminate pain that are gentle and safe enough to use on anyone.

Any session can be performed fully clothed if preferred by the client.