Oncology (Cancer)

Is Your Therapist Trained?

Listening is a creative force. Something quite wonderful occurs when we are listened to fully. We expand, ideas come to life and grow, we remember who we are. Some speak of this force as a creative fountain within us that springs forth; others call it the inner spirit, intelligence, true self. Whatever this force is called, it shrivels up when we are not listened to and it thrives when we are.
— Kay Lindahl

Massage can make your cancer journey easier…but not just any massage; an oncology massage. Many of the body’s responses to cancer and cancer treatment require changes to massage therapy. A properly trained therapist should be able to tell you why and how.

If you are currently receiving treatment or have ever received treatment for cancer in your life the safest way for you to get massage is to find a massage therapist who has had appropriate training in the specifics of cancer and cancer treatment and how to use a knowledge of those specifics to provide safely adapted massage therapy for people at all stages of the cancer journey.

Helpful questions to ask of your massage therapist

Below you will find a few questions that will help you to decide if a massage therapist has enough training to work with you and your unique medical history as it relates to cancer.