Lymph Drainage for Pregnancy


During pregnancy, a certain amount of swelling is normal as the body retains more fluid and the circulatory system comes under increasing pressure. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (MLD) can be of great benefit during pregnancy particularly following the 3rd trimester around 27 weeks when mothers-to-be experience swollen ankles or aching and heavy legs.  This gentle massage technique helps to encourage the flow and release of excess fluid held within the tissues just below the skin.  This is why many women find it very beneficial, especially during the later stages of pregnancy, to help prevent or treat edema.
Many women find that as they progress through the third trimester and reach the last few weeks, swollen feet and ankles can become very uncomfortable.  By gently moving the lymphatic fluid using light massage strokes, manual lymphatic drainage can be very beneficial, as well as promoting relaxation and calm.

If you are experiencing water retention, more than one treatment of lymphatic drainage is recommended.

Do you have a scheduled c-section?   The benefits of lymph drainage prior  to the surgery can result in reduced swelling, edema, and reduction in recovery time.

Treatment Price

Single Session for Pregnancy Lymph Drainage – $60

Series of 3 sessions – $150 (Save $30)

Involve your partner

Bring your partner to an instructional session, and they can learn how to perform some simple lymphatic drainage techniques they can use on you at home.  Ideal for giving them something practical they can do to help you feel better every day!

Partner Session price

90 minutes – $90.

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